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Harrisburg Apartment Rentals Utilities

Harrisburg Apartment Rentals Utilities

Harrisburg Apartment Rentals, Utilities Included

When you rent an apartment in Harrisburg, PA, you want to know how much you'll end up paying. When you get an apartment without utilities included, you could end up paying hundreds more than anticipated each month. Fortunately, Twin Lakes Apartments can help you feel right at home with utilities included in the price of your one- or two-bedroom apartment, making budgeting easier.

Twin Lakes Apartments in Harrisburg includes many utilities in the price of your apartment. Water, sewer, and trash costs are included, so your rent will be more convenient. Twin Lakes Apartments can even help you save more with upgraded Energy Star efficient windows and patio doors to make your home more comfortable. With energy-efficient gas heat and an electronic thermostat, you can save money. Central air and heat will keep your home the right temperature.

Ready to start living in Harrisburg with all the amenities you need? You can apply for an apartment online at Twin Lakes Apartments or call Property Management, Inc. at (717) 564-6693. You can also email PMI at [email protected].